marketing and media 2

marketing and media 2


Tuten, T.L., & Solomon, M.R. (2015). Social Media Marketing. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

2 Scholarly Reference and used the book for 1 reference, APA guidelines, correct grammar, the word count is beside each questions, all parts of questions must be addressed.

1. Explain the concept of social publishing zone? What are the channels of content distribution available for social publishing activities? ( Word count 250).

2. How can an organization increase target customers and prospect’s exposure to brand message on its social media sites?( word count 250).




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The concepts of social publishing zone are exploited with two objectives in mind. The first is the use of content to push traffic to the media owned by the brand and the second is to grow how the brand’s messages are exposed. This is not the same as the strategies used in traditional methods of advertising thus it is not easy for traditional marketers to comprehend.

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