Marketing Case Study

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Principles of Marketing

Business 360 001 CRN 1156



write a 7 to 8-page synopsis of each case based on the italicized questions at the end of each case. All the information you need is in each case and if necessary you can use other information based in the text to help support your conclusion. If necessary you may get more information from the internet to help justify your comments. These are in some cases your opinions and your answers must be justified to me why you believe in your comments. My case is in the attachment



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Marketing is defined as the study of management and exchange relationship of goods, services, and the targeted customer.  Marketing involves advertising and informing people of the services or goods that a company or organization is offering. For any business to take up, there is a necessity for good strategy and marketing plan. Businesses start all the time, but not all can pick up.

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