Marketing communications plan

Marketing communications plan

information given:

IMC Communications Project

The Invisible Leash (our made up product name) InvisiLeash

Our product is a luggage bag that follows you around. So you would put a bracelet on and then the bag would just follow you on its own. No hassle. $500-$700 (prices vary based on size of the bag)

Key issues to consider….

What is the value proposition?


Who is our target market?

Frequent Travelers in general (Airport luggage)


write a Mktg Comm Objectives and Ad Objective for our group make up product


  • Mktg Comm Objectives
    • Awareness
    • Preference
    • Trial purchase
    • Altering image
    • Frequency and variety of use
    • Promotional incentives
  • Ad Objective
    • Awareness
    • Product differentiation
    • Positioning or repositioning of the product
    • Trial purchase
    • Image enhancement
Solution Preview
InvisiLeash is a fairly new product within the market, which makes creating awareness about the product one of the primary communication objectives in this case. It is only through such awareness that the…
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