A definition and/or description of each force

A definition and/or description of each force


Details: Marketplace Focus
It’s been a great year. Under your tutelage, the department is continuing its successes. You are now on a first-name basis with the board members and your career has never looked brighter. In fact, you earned a nice bonus and have planned to put in a swimming pool in your backyard. As you lose yourself in the thought of blissfully floating your summers away, a pale, ashen stricken CEO knocking on your open door brings you right back to reality.

“I can’t believe we – I mean I didn’t see this coming!” Your CEO has a hard time speaking. You can tell she is extremely upset. “We just lost the UHS contract!”

You feel your stomach turn. Losing the UHS contract is huge. In fact, it would mean large budget cuts across the board. As if she is reading your mind, before she leaves to go inform the other departments, she says to really no one in particular, “All of the work on the budgets, the strategic plans, they all have to be scrapped. What could we have done differently to avoid….” The rest is unintelligible as she has already started walking away.

Resources to consult: Textbook, internet

Specific questions or items to address: In Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, create a table or spreadsheet that consists of the following:

1. An identification of at least 10 market forces

2. A definition and/or description of each force

3. An analysis of what type of impact each force will have on healthcare – and –

4. The step or steps that a healthcare organization can currently take to minimize the impact – both current and future

As an example, some of the market forces may include but are not limited to: A) political pressure, B) changing demographics, C) aging population, D) aging workforce, etc.

Criteria: At least 10 market forces identified with appropriate headings and summaries.

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A definition and/or description of each force


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