Is it arguable or debatable?

Is it arguable or debatable?


For this assignment, you will be coming up with the thesis statement/argument of your next essay. In order to complete the requirements for this assignment, follow the numbered steps below:

Step 1

Now that you’ve learned what the features of an argument are and how to identify one in a variety of different texts and media, it’s time to start developing your own. In order to do that, recall the three questions one must ask:

Is it arguable or debatable?

Is it specific?

The “so what? who cares?” factor

Step 2

Now consider an area of interest for yourself beyond the classroom. What are you interested in? Are you interested in any of the following?


movies/television series



current affairs, politics

Pick a topic that interests you.

Step 3

Come up with an argument concerning your topic and answer the following questions in one paragraph of at least four sentences each. Recall the guidelines and video from our lecture Academic Writing Is an Argument.

What topic will you be discussing in your essay? What argument will you be making about it? How is it arguable or debatable? Why might people disagree with what you’re saying (these could be your counterarguments later on)?

Is your argument specific? Include very specific details and avoid broad, vague statements.

Why should the reader care about your argument (“so what? who cares?”)? How are you going to make sure readers are interested in what you have to say and find it relevant?

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Is it arguable or debatable


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