Describe each condition, the medication

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Topic: NSG 420 Nursing in the Community

Please respond to this question by using 2 valid evidence based articles to support your answer- please ensure your answer is no less then 200 words.

Discussion Question:

Using the SMARTER goals: develop a patient medication education scenario(Pick 1 of the below scenerios) in which the SMARTER help support patient outcomes

1- Congestive Heart Failure: Beta Blocker, & ACE/ARB

2- Acute Myocardial Infarction – Antiplatelet, antithrombolytic, ASA, Beta Blocker, & ACE/ARB

3- Diabetes- Insulin

4- CVA/Stroke- Antiplatelet, antithrombolytic, Hypertension medication (Common)

Describe each condition, the medication(Medication class, Pharmacokinetics) needed to improve or manage condition, patient education (SMARTER Goals)

Be creative and have fun- This should highlight wh

at you have learned so far and how you are keeping patients healthy in the community!


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Describe each condition the medication


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