Topic: Drug card project

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Topic: Drug card project

This project will familiarize the student with many of the different drugs used in the surgical environment.


Demonstrate knowledge of how drugs are named and formulated
Correctly identify the form of the dug, indication, potential risk, and intended outcome


Step 1: Select two drugs from the following categories. Select ONLY medications used in surgery. Research tools include assigned texts, Google Search Engines, and unassigned textbook resources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource. At a minimum, 3-4 scholarly resources must be used, and cited, within this project

Topical hemostatic agents
Contrast mediums

Step 2: The following information MUST be included in your report:

Brand Name or Trade Name
Chemical AND Generic Name
Drugs’ Medicinal Usage
All Forms and Sources of the drug
All Routes of Administration including any and all Delivery Devices used to administer this medication.
Indications AND Contraindications (including recommended use during pregnancy)
Purpose AND Intended Outcomes

Step 3: Formatting objectives:

The research paper will consist of four sections:
The Search Question (Introduction) – 3/4 to 1 page
The Search Process (Body Paragraphs) 1 1/2 to 2 pages
What I Learned (Body Paragraphs) 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 pages
Conclusion 1/2 to 1 page
The length of the report will be a minimum of 4 1/4 pages with a maximum of 6 pages. (less or more of parameters will receive only half credit for a grade.)
Step 4: Once complete, save your file and submit it.

You are required to have at least three outside resources, at the scholarly level. Wikipedia is not acceptable. You are encouraged to use Concorde’s Online Library: Gale Library to ensure peer-reviewed, credible, and scholarly resources.

Assignment Submission:

The use of outside resources is required and all papers must be cited and written in APA format. At a minimum, 3-4 scholarly resources must be used, and cited, within this project. Spelling and grammar will also be gradable items within this project.
Once you have completed the assignment, click the Submit Assignment option in the menu to the right and select a format for submitting your assignment.
Click the Submit Assignment button when you are ready.

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