This memo specifies the requirements for the Written Assignment as described in the course syllabus.


4 REF: Business Law Research and Analysis Assignment (BLRAA)

6 This memo specifies the requirements for the Written Assignment as described in the course syllabus.
7 The Assignment
8 This assignment is made up of two parts. The first will be a memorandum responding to the business question
9 posed in the Appendix below. The second part will be to provide and post written peer-reviews to your
10 classmates’ memo submissions.
11 For your memo, you are to respond to your supervisor in a 2.0-3.0-page memo. Note that 2.0-3.0 pages does
12 not include any endnote, footnote, or abstract pages. Up to 4 lines at the top as a memo header are acceptable
13 (similar to Appendix A.) One inch (1”) margins top, bottom, left and right are typical and required. All formatting
14 requirements described below as “Assignments Generally” must be met.
15 Often referred to as a “white paper” in business circles, your supervisor needs written assistance with an
16 organizational challenge. This memo is not an opinion piece or a place to state your views, but to convey
17 information in response to the questions posed with credible, logical analysis supported by credible sources. The
18 evaluation criteria for this assignment are presented below.
19 The second part of this assignment is to conduct peer reviews of two of your classmates’ written memos.
20 Note that as part of this peer review, the discussion forum for the peer-reviews will remain open to complete those
21 reviews for 1 week after the due date of the assignment memo.
22 To be successful, your memo must include research from credible sources. The most credible sources are
23 primary legal materials, such as constitutions, statutes, and judicial opinions. Also credible are secondary legal
24 materials such as texts, treatises, and peer-reviewed journals and periodicals. There are resources available such
25 as ProQuest and/or EBSCOHost via the Cascadia College library.
26 Guide for the Memo
28 Note that the memo request in Appendix A is clear that factual evidence and logical conclusions are requested
29 and required, not an opinion about personal belief, or anecdotal references.
30 Assignment Requirements:
32 Please submit your work in the following format:
33 1. Your memo in Microsoft Word ® file (.doc or .docx) format or a compatible format. If you do not have
34 these resources available personally or through a publicly available resource, i.e. CC, library, etc. contact
35 me immediately. I will not be able to view it unless you do.
37 2. The Memo must be submitted on the Canvas system and also posted in the Discussion Forum
38 labeled for the peer review on or before the due date and time for the assignment. Use the
39 following name convention for your files, [“yourlastname”WASpring2021] without the brackets, 40 parenthesis, quotation marks, or spaces. The memo will have the suffix as a .doc or .docx file. The
41 naming convention is required to facilitate both the instructors accurate grading and the use of plagiarism
42 verification software.
44 3. You must post your memo to the separate discussion forum on Canvas on or before the due date of the
45 assignment so all may learn from your work. Do not use external links to a third-party server such as
46 DropBox, MS OneDrive, or GoogleDocs. Post the actual file to Canvas on the discussion board. You
47 must then comment on five others’ postings in that discussion forum for full credit. To be awarded credit
48 for a peer review, you must make specific, substantive comments about the reviewed memo, referring
49 specifically to your own approach to the assignment. It is not sufficient to write “I enjoyed your paper, and
50 you did fine” or words to that effect; and if submitting only this, regardless of the number of words used,
51 no credit will be awarded for the peer review. The forum to submit these peer reviews will remain open for
52 2 weeks after the due date of the memo.
54 You are free to accomplish this assignment at any time up to the due date. I encourage all students to collaborate
55 and discuss the assignment with other students prior to the due date and time. There is a dedicated discussion
56 forum on Canvas for this very purpose, including arranging out-of-class separate study or collaboration groups. If
57 you have a question for the instructor about the assignment, post it there and make it clear you are asking the
58 instructor for a response. You can offer to form and participate in study groups or exchange drafts with each other
59 as you see fit or helpful. Be mindful that the final submission of the assignment must be your own, and
60 inclusion of material from other students is a form of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. All
61 components of your assignment must be completed in accordance with the final due date specified in the
62-course syllabus, and as reflected on the Canvas system
63 Please post in the dedicated discussion forum if you have further questions

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This memo specifies the requirements for the Written Assignment as described in the course syllabus.


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