Mental health

Mental health

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Presentation on Criminal Minds

Be sure each section is clearly delineated and covered in a 3-5-page body paper, double spaced, Plus a Care Plan HINT, Use the Headings provided — if you can’t find something, record as “unable to find” or guess as to what the nswer may be (and say you are guessing). References and citations in APA 7 format (see example link);
Reporter’s name (you): Date: Infamous Person: _/30 points 1, Identify and present significance of: (Use these Numbered/ underlined headings) A. childhood (2pts) B. Late-adolescence (2) C. Early 20’s (2) D. Family Influence (2) 2. Diagnosis/treatment — In 3 tubstmr6 AM,/ pirnhol involved? (1) 4. The infamous Act/ Traumatic event/ Crime (2) 5. Incarceration/ Jail Wie_m/ (1) 6. ELeatkarsunwAsimumManom (1) 7. How are all the above events tied top 11,gted (2) EL H•w cc • d rl in • nunr M ntal illn contribut to a Human demise (2) 9. What characteristics of a serial Killer do you see in your criminal? Consider these characteristics: (Antisocial behavior, Arson, Torturing small animals, Poor family life, Childhood Abuse, Substance abuse, Voyeurism, Intelligence (hi or low), Shiftlessness). (2) 10, Where could health care personnel/teachers have Intervened In this child’s life to prevent this tragedy if It ware NOW? Paragraph of Your opinion. (2) 11. Wanted poster (Like in the Old West) 12.Choose 3 priorIty(3 part) NANDAMental Health Nursing diagnoses. The nursing care plan should Include (4) • Use MH Care Plan template and complete • HINT: See Varcarolis or Ackley (Care Plan book) 13 @ le st 3 Bevromvs and citation. In APA 7 format (1) and paper submitted Sunday December 10@23S9 (1) APA 7 example: hrrns..//pirle, rAcrnuisen eddld nhOrnntentjd.S1945674

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