Do you eat fish and crab from the Bay?

Do you eat fish and crab from the Bay?

 SCI210 Week Task and Lesson

Task 2 Effects of Environmental Factors on Fish (2 pages)
Do you eat fish and crab from the Bay? Even if you do not live along the Bay, check fish and crab in your local grocery store to see where it comes from. If environmental factors such as pollution affect the fish and crab in the Bay, how can this affect you?

Read, Fish Consumption Advisories

Investigate Blue Crabs on the Chesapeake Bay website. Read the information, watch the video, check out the additional links to the Blue Crab Field Guide, Blue Crab Ecology, and the Dredge Report.
What are the issues?
What factors are responsible?
What is being done?
What is the outlook?

What about mercury? People, especially pregnant women, have been warned about the consumption of too much fish that may contain mercury. What effect does mercury have on humans? How much fish with mercury contamination is too much?

Start your research with:

Green Report on Mercury
Fish: Friend or Foe
But you will need to find other resources and compare what you are reading. How can you know what is accurate?

Based on what you have learned about the effects of environmental factors on fish and crabs, design a flyer that you could use to inform the public of the issues. Be sure what you put on the flyer is accurate and supported. (submit but bring with you to the lesson)
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Do you eat fish and crab from the Bay


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