Milestone Four: Financial Analyses and Funding

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Analyze the projected costs, revenue streams, and net present value for the concept from launch until two years after the breakeven point. Be sure to include a budget, an assessment of assets and liabilities, your anticipated sources of funding, and the associated costs of attaining that capital as part of the analysis. Justify the analysis with relevant primary and secondary data in an appendix, specifying any relevant assumptions and limitations. You should include, among other support, sales forecasts, cash flow statements, income projections, and any other relevant calculations or financial reports.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Four Guidelines and Rubric document.

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Financial Planning and Analysis
In a bid to have and achieve an effective and efficient guide to the management of funds as well as the successful development of plans, financial planning as well as financial analysis for a home monitoring system is needed due to the important role it is scheduled to play. Over and above, financial planning and analysis will be effective in making sure that the entire community is involved in making long term plans for Roamtech Limited.

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