Milestone Two: Implementation Plan

Milestone Two: Implementation Plan

please read the Intro before you begin to write.

read the Rubric as carefully as you can.

the format is APA format, and you should write at least five full pages.


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Implementation Plan
Milestone two will delve into proposing a clear and comprehensive plan that can be used by Pitsher Autos to implement and manage the concept from the onset to the completion. As earlier discussed, the company intends to fill a market gap that exists in the automobile industry. The gap is the lack of a standard product that can be used to clean windscreens from the inside. For a long time, the company has been producing exterior windscreen wipers as its primary product. However, the current gap in the market is one that the company hopes to fill with the vision that doing so would create sustainability for the various operations of the company. Since the product will be one of a kind and the first in the market, there are several advantages that could befall the company in its operations.

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