Mitigating Security Risks.

Mitigating Security Risks

Some background info on this assignment: this is a role-playing class. Padgett-Beale is a fictional company. These should be written in the persona (character) of a management intern working in the assigned company.

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to prepare a short presentation for one of the company’s Brown Bag Lunch training events.

Choose one of the following articles to present to the attendees. After reading the article, prepare a set of talking points / speaker notes (one page) which highlight key information about the article and why Padgett-Beale employees should “care” about the topic.

1. Selecting the Right Cloud Operating Model: Privacy and Data Security in the Cloud

2. How to get the most from a managed IT services provider

3. Shadow IT: Mitigating Security Risks

After you finish that, the next task is a blog entry.

For this blog entry, please tell us how your Brown Bag Lunch presentation went. (Use your experience in writing / receiving critiques in the Week 5 discussion thread.)

1. How familiar were you with your topic? Did that make a difference in your presentation?

2. Did you research how to give a brown bag presentation before hand? What resources did you use? (Were they helpful?)

3. What other lessons did you learn from this experience?

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The article that I chose for the first part of the essay is Shadow IT: Mitigating Security Risks. The article assesses major taking points such as the security risks that may face an organization where employees are constantly involved in shadow…

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