Mod 2 Complete intake

Mod 2 Complete intake

  1. Use the outline below to complete the intake information for Emily. In addition to the completed outline, incorporate at least 1 reference from your e-textbook and course materials with the discussion of theory. Include a title page, reference page using APA format, and in-text citations where needed.Theories you can use in this assignment: Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory, Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory, Behaviorism, Social Learning Theory, Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory. OUTLINE: Demographic InformationWho is our client? Age? Racial/ethnic background? SES? Living arrangement? Information should be presented with bullet points. State the problem/presenting issue1-2 sentences discussing the issues/issues brought the client in for services?Assessment:Analysis using 2 Theories2 paragraphs in length. Use 2 of the theories discussed in the Module or Text: Piaget, Erikson, Behaviorism/Social Learning, or Vygotsky How is our client’s development? Are they on track? What SHOULD be occurring at this time based on theory? What issues might present due to unresolved developmental milestones? PlanningWrite a 1 paragraph summary of the client’s needs based on issues identified in the assessment process. What does this client need to begin to meet developmental milestones? ReferralsIdentify 2 agencies, programs, or services in YOUR COMMUNITY that would help this client and what they would be able to provide the client. Information should be presented in bullet points.Requirements: One document including the following:
    • 1 title page using APA format
    • 1 document using outline and bold headings provided above for organization
    • 1 reference page including at least 1 reference citation using APA format
    • In-text citations where necessary to incorporate reference
    • Use complete sentences and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

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