Module 4 Discussion Patient-Provider Relationships

As you have been reading, health, and health care quality, are often impacted by a number of
risk factors.  One area that is often overlooked, is the interpersonal aspects of patient-provider
communication. Do some library research (i.e., search the databases using such terms as
patient-provider concordance, patient-provider communication; patient-provider relationships,
etc.) – read about, and then discuss in a post of at least 150-200 words the impact that patient-
communication can have on health status. (For this assignment, you may look at the
provider as a physician, nurse, or other type of healthcare provider/worker).
discussion (Discussion post, not an essay!) of 150-200 words. Again, a discussion post is more
like you are having a conversation on the information you learned, not an essay although you can
use articles to support what you are saying.

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