Module Three Activity Guidelines and Rubric Web

Module Three Activity Guidelines and Rubric Web

All scientific inquiry starts with a question. Scientists may wonder why something exists, how it came to be, or how it interacts with other things. Whatever the inspiration, asking questions is at the heart of scientific research. In this activity, you will revise the research question that you would like to concentrate on as you continue working on your project.

Use the provided Module Three Activity Template PDF to complete this assignment. You will consider the research questions you wrote in the previous module and choose one to focus on for your project. Use this opportunity to edit your research question based on instructor feedback and what you have learned so far in the course. Revising your question may involve the following:

Clarifying language
Connecting it more directly to your news story
Making it feasible
Narrowing its focus
Make it measurable
Ensuring it is ethical
You will also reflect on how your personal beliefs, assumptions, and values may have impacted how you wrote and revised your research question. For example, maybe a close family member has chronic fatigue syndrome, and you assumed the medical community does not know what causes it. So you decided to focus your research question on what contributes to the disease.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Finalize your scientific research question related to main idea of your chosen news story
Explain how your beliefs, assumptions, and values may have impacted your research question
Guidelines for Submission
Submit your completed Module Three Activity Template. While not required, any sources should be cited using APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.

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