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Macroeconomic Statistics from FRED

Let’s take a look at some macroeconomic statistics. The charts are from FRED – Federal Reserve Economic Data – or MS Excel?

The one below shows trends in the civilian unemployment rate. What do you observe? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

What do you observe from the chart? Can you create your own chart using FRED? Search for some other important macroeconomic series, say for example GDP or M2/M1 money supply. Can you present a chart showing the level and growth rate of GDP and money supply?




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The number of unemployed people in the world is growing more and more each year as the day goes by. Unemployment has been a stabling block macroeconomic (Mullineaux,1980).
What do you observe from the chart? In the table, we see that the number of unemployed people is fluctuating with time.

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