MSA 603 Case Study

  1. his case study must be 5-7 pages long APA style
  2. Identify problems: The Problems can be succinctlystated in a 2-3 sentence (short) paragraph for each.
  3. Conduct strategic analyses: Identify the Strategic Issues. Each issue can be summarized in 1-2 sentences, and then follow it with a short analysis of what you think needs to be done to address each issue. I want you to determine what would solve/address the issue. Examples might be related to more training of staff, more investment in equipment, greater use of specific types of technology, etc.
  4. Propose alternative solutions: Then, once you have done that, evaluate each as to its effectiveness and/or appropriateness.
  5. Make recommendations: The actions that you propose should address the very next steps that the organization needs to take
  6. The doc below has the required reading for this assignment. No additional sources can be used

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