Muscle and Nervous Tissue

Muscle and Nervous Tissue

Choose 2 different systems. (Tissue/Integumentary SystemOsseous Tissue/Skeletal SystemMuscle Tissue/Muscular System; Nervous Tissue/Central Nervous System).

Describe some of the features of each system.

Then explain how the different systems are inter-related (their dependence to each other).

Assignment is to be 2 pages, double spaced, font 12. Be as specific as you can regarding the features of each systems and how they are inter-related with each other.

cite your sources. page 3 will be your works cited page.

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The human anatomy is made up of an array of tissues, all of which function to ensure the ease in the performance of different body functions. While the nervous tissue is responsible for sensory and response functions, the muscle tissue is responsible…

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