Need help with discussion

Need help with discussion

1) Great financial inequality exists between the schools and conferences that compete within the divisions of the NCAA. What is the cause of the inequality? What is the result of the inequality? What solutions would create more financial parity among the NCAA member institutions? How can the NCAA foster these solutions? Sum up your ideas in 200-250 words.

2)Is the role of collegiate athletic departments more aligned with the business or educational goals of the universities and colleges? What role has the NCAA had in the development of athletic departments as related to the goals of the departments? What evidence from the course text supports your perspective? Sum up your ideas in 200-250 words.


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Question One

Inequality among schools and conferences competing in the NCAA are a result of different factors that influence performance of said institutions. For instance, the schools have different levels of exposure and access to funding through taxes and other forms of financial assistance, which would…….

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