What are some key factors to consider when choosing a location for a network operation center (NOC) ?

What are some key factors to consider when choosing a location for a network operation center (NOC)?

Research the topic of physical security for networks. In a 3–5-paragraph posting, discuss the following information:

Key factors to consider when choosing a location for a network operation center (NOC)
5 areas of physical security to consider when constructing a NOC
Consideration of natural and man-made disasters
Also respond to the following: (70words)

A network operation center (NOC) is a central location where network administrators and other key personnel can manage, control, and monitor the network(s) at all times. The overall goal intended for the NOC is to maintain optimal network operations a limit/prevent downtimes in the event loss of coverages or services occur. Key factors to consider when choosing a location for your network operation center (NOC) include security, geographic location, and required facility support. Site security is paramount for determining the location of a NOC due to the centralization of all the network components and information present in a general location. If an unauthorized individual gains access to either the facility or the NOC’s network they can have access to several forms of data and even cause physical damage to equipment causing a catastrophic disaster. When determining the actual geographical location of the NOC it is important to keep in mind the probability of natural and man-made disasters and facility requirements (i.e. power, space allocation, site security, disaster preventions, network coverages). Having a disaster recovery plan routinely practiced and kept up-to-date with both policies and user acceptances will help increase the efficiency in reestablishing services in the event something were to happen. If services would be lost for an extended amount of time, it would be wise to also have a hosting step site that can bring services online and continue to provide coverage until the main site can come back online. Facilities must be able to provide the proper power requirements as well as alternate power sources, optimal network coverages, and be located in an area that is most efficient for providing services. Site security is important to prevent data leakages, unauthorized physical access as well as network access. Finally, enough space must be provided for servers, equipment, and IT personnel to properly and efficiently provide the services required of the network.


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Also respond to this:(70 words)

Some key factors that should be taken into consideration for choosing the NOC location should be:

Location and ensuring it’s secure: This is dependent on where you want to set your NOC Location up to include region/country, when choosing where you set up should be dependent on where you will get the full amount out of your infrastructure.

Control (environment): The space needs to have enough room to ensure that you can let your equipment cool, the network tours generate a lot of heat and need to have space to cool.

Building Security: Security should be at the Entry Control Point, and cameras should be installed to have views from around the building. Personnel who have been properly vetted should be given access, also doors need to be locked/secured at all times.

5 areas of crucial physical security:

All doors should be secured and locked with cipher locks. Access should be granted only if you can scan in with your ID card

Cables should be secured in a housing element that can’t be accessed.

Back-ups need to be done on a 24hr basis which would be by COB daily and there should be a disaster recovery plan in place (off-site). A backup location needs to be set in place in case something were to happen, you can easily move locations and be able to access your necessary information without any hiccups.

Employees need to be properly vetted, this can be done with background checks.

Policies and procedures need to be in place/implemented that all systems regardless of classification need to be locked up, this can be done with a 2 tier security program. For instance, if you work in a SCIF and its locked daily that is the first tier, if you have classified information that needs to be locked up in a vault in the SCIF that would be tier 2.

Natural and man-made disasters:

All necessary locations should have the proper fail-safes in place to include fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, etc. Also, all software should have the proper firewalls and malware installed and up to date continuously.


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What are some key factors to consider when choosing a location for a network operation center (NOC)


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