Describe the basic characteristics of wireless and Bluetooth technologies.

Week 5

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Week 5


· Networks


Power in Connection

Computers are powerful, but the real power of IT is connectivity. Networks allow devices to communicate with each other and the Internet. This provides access to almost limitless data.

Computers are connected to wired and wireless networks, allowing the transmission of data with ease and speed. The basic structure is a sending device, transmission media, a device that connects the transmission media to a receiving device, and the receiver. This week we drill down into concepts of connectivity: physical and wireless transmission media, commonly used communication devices, and the configuration of a home network.


· What You Need To Know: Read about concepts related to connectivity.

· Assignment: Complete and submit the assignment Network Solutions.

· Discussion: Discuss which types of networks are right for different settings.

· Discussion Overview

How you set up a network depends on its setting and purpose. Your discussion this week centers on considering the options.

· Assignment Overview

Making a good recommendation requires critical thought to make choices based on evidence. In this week’s assignment, you will research, summarize, and recommend connectivity options for a small business.

· What You Need to Know

Internal networks support connection to the Internet and between local devices such as computers and printers. Read this chapter in your textbook, Discovering Computers 2018, for more information about networks.

· Module 10, “Communicating Digital Content: Wired and Wireless Networks and Devices,” pages 10-1 through 10-33.

· Write Your Discussion Post(1pgs)

Different types of network architectures serve different purposes. For example, if productivity and growth are concerns, expansion of the network might be helpful. Consider the purposes of networks in different settings, and answer the following questions:

· How would you expand a network at home? The main concerns are range and bandwidth. Why would you choose this approach?

· How would you expand a basic network for a small business that was expanding its physical location and increasing from 4 laptop computers to 12? The business may need some way to store and share photos and short videos, as well, which would need to stay on site. Why would you choose this approach?

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two of your fellow learners’ posts, either by providing them with your thoughts on areas of concern that they have or by asking questions about their comments. Keep the discussions professional, courteous, and respectful.


· Assignment Instructions(3pgs)


Assignment Instructions

A small but growing consulting firm is moving into an old building. What consideration might there be if the space, although small, was quite long, about 100 feet, or had thick masonry walls? The firm has several laptop computers as well as mobile devices, and three printers that are Bluetooth and wireless network capable. The owner asks you about two networking solutions: wireless and Bluetooth. Consider the specific setting and needs of the business. Research these technologies, and prepare a summary to help the owner choose and manage a solution.

In your summary, include the following:

· Describe the basic characteristics of wireless and Bluetooth technologies.

· Compare the functioning of wireless networks and Bluetooth to achieve business goals.

· List best practices for the management of network technology issues.

· Recommend a networking solution for a specific environment.

o Weigh the pros and cons of each solution for the business as described.

· Support assertions with appropriate evidence.

Assignment Requirements

· Written communication: Write with few spelling, grammatical, or mechanical errors.

· Length of paper: Submit 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages (in addition to title and reference pages).

· Sources: Cite at least two sources, in addition to your textbook and the media pieces. These may include the industry sources investigated during the course. Format resources and citations according to current APA guidelines. See Evidence and APA for more information.

· Font and font-size: Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.


Your work will be evaluated using this criterion.


Competencies Measured

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Describe the basic characteristics of wireless and Bluetooth technologies.

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