Identify additional assessment measures you would recommend for the client.

PSY 640 Week 6 Discussion Forensic Assessment Cases- Reply to Sharon’s Post

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Details: Indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with your colleague’s choice of information to include in the summary of test results. Suggest any additional significant test results that you would have included in the summary. Identify additional assessment measures you would recommend for the client. Assess the personality instrument(s) suggested by your colleague. Would these measures provide reliable, valid, and culturally appropriate results for the given scenario? Use scholarly and peer-reviewed sources published within the last fifteen years to support your assertions. (SEE SHARON POST BELOW)

Sharon Okeke Post

A year earlier, Mr. W’s son had him diagnosed with dementia for convincing him he saw the boogie man. Mr. W’s legal guardian was made by his son at the time. Now, Mr. W lives with his sister and his lawyer and they say that Mr. W has no symptoms other than usual dementia for an aged 90. He shows no signs of delusions or other psychological illnesses. Since a substantial amount of money was withdrawn from his account and his collection was sold, Mr. W put himself under neuropsychological examination. Mr. W tried to see that he had the cognitive capacity and reason to maintain his memories. It resulted in short-term memory issues, but he was able to recall things that happened previously. No proof of mental deterioration was detected. The findings indicate that Mr.W was capable of dealing with his issues.
I will be the first to test Mr. W’s perceptual and instrumental everyday life tasks, using the Neuropsychological Evaluation Battery (NAB). His daily job is motivated by real-life exams. He provided insight into his practical skills. For this evaluation, the MacCat-T is also included. This test is focused on four areas that understand knowledge relating to their situation are suggested for care and rationalize the possible disadvantages and benefits of their decision. The test assesses the essence of their conditions and the implications of their decisions and makes their choices known (Criminal, 2015). The professional tests have been proved to be accurate and effective.
Both professional principles must be followed when performing evaluations. The assessment should be administered by a qualified professional psychiatrist or consultant with the know-how required for these assessments. It is therefore important to make sure that this is handled ethically and that there is no discrimination to the age of the individual. A fair and concise reason for the assessments should be given and he should be clear as to what it is until he approves.
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Identify additional assessment measures you would recommend for the client.

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