New Service and Competency Inventory

New Service and Competency Inventory

add 3 more pages to the document attached, part 1 i just revising what is attached, so the 3 pages should be on part 2, but add to the attached document

This assignment has two parts:

Part 1: Begin by revising the following elements from your previous assignment as needed, in light of feedback you have gotten:

o    Description of the organization, the main elements of its mission, the key services it offers, its clients, and the main models of service delivery it employs.

o    Identification and analysis of the theory that supports this main model of service delivery.

o    Description of a new service the organization could offer that would be aligned with the organization’s mission and would serve its clientele.

o    Identification and analysis of the theory that supports this new service.

o    Description of the competencies (including knowledge, skills, and abilities) that the organization’s staff would need to fulfill the required tasks.

o    Inventory of the competencies of the organization’s current staff determining if they possess the required competencies, if they can acquire them, or if you would need to recruit new staff that possess these competencies.

Part 2:Having identified the service to be provided by your organization and the competencies necessary, you will now prepare a job description complete with classification for payroll for the new service and position with new skills you have identified.

o    Analyze best practices and theories of public sector job structuring, definition, classification, and compensation to prepare a job description complete with classification for payroll.

o    Use the job descriptions you obtained earlier as models, but be sure to provide clear and specific classification information, even if the models do not provide as much detail.

o    Follow the design used by your selected agency for the presentation of the completed job description. All other aspects of the document should follow APA writing style and formatting

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