No more overcrowded prisons.

Executive Summary/Purpose Statement

◦Most staffers will only read this part}



–What is the current policy? Why is it being conducted this way?


–Why is the policy not working? Why is it necessary to find an alternative?

◦Policy options

–Discuss a few alternatives and their implications


–Provide your recommendation and how it can be implemented


◦Summarize analysis and recommendation


◦Relevant figures, maps, graphics

What I am looking to be discussed throughout my paper is creating a new policy to stop mass incarceration. I am looking for it start off by giving some statistics about the over population in prison’s. I then want my policy to be stated and howeI will stop this from happening. here is an example of what I am looking for. I want to talk about how we can stop bringing new people in such as stop charging people with petty charges like carrying drugs such as weed. Instead of arresting these people and holding them in jails that take up room for other criminals to be in there instead we can charge them with tickets and confiscate the weed. That is how we can stop bringing them in. I also want how we can stop people from reentering prisons and jail to stop entering them. Maybe we can make a program that will not have people violate there probation and help actually set these ex cons up with jobs. I need this to be explained on how this will be implemented and funded. I need there to be an argument go against my policy to sho how it wouldn’t work but quickly shut down to show how mine is still the better policy, and then for it to be concluded. I also need a work cited page and everything to be cited.




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Executive Summary

Overcrowding in American prisons has become a problem; due to the dangers associated ever-increasing prison population. Through the collaboration of policymakers, the justice system, and corrections system, several policy measures have been taken to deal with the problem. Such policies have majorly aimed at reducing the number of offenders who are sentenced to life sentence.

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