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ANSWER EACH OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS in a different thread (3 threads this discussion):

Thread One:

1. What are the elements of a contract?

2. Explain the mirror image rule when forming a contract. Explain the difference on the mirror image rule between a common law contract and a UCC contract.

3. What is a breach of contract. Give examples.

4. What type of damages are available in a breach of contract? What type are not?

Thread Two:

There is a specific requirement that web page merchants (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Store) must follow in order to incorporate the terms of their contract in order to have those terms enforceable (part of the contract).

What does the web page seller have to do in order to incorporate the terms of the agreement?
Give an example with a link to a web page that follows this procedure.
What do you think would happen if the merchant did not follow the procedure?
Thread Three:

Thread Three:

Explain how ethics are important in business contract relations.




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Thread 1

There are three main elements of a contract. These are; Offer, Acceptance and Consideration. The contract starts with an offer from the offeror to the offeree. This is the invitation by one party to enter into a contract with another. Acceptance is the agreement, either expressed or implied, by the offeree, to engage into a contract with the offeror. 

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