NUR 435- Leadership and Management in Nursing

 Interview the healthcare administrator you identified in Part 1 (due Week 2). Record the interview or take detailed notes (refer to Step 2).

In your interview, cover the following topics and the additiional questions that you developed as part of your practicum assignments:

  1. Quality Improvement Measure (QIM) being implemented or currently identified in his/her organization
  2. Why the QIM is needed/required (core measure improvements, increased rate of falls, poor pain control surveys, etc.)
  3. History of the proposed QIM
    1. Any previous change agents?
    2. Any attempts to implement similar measures?
    3. Any possible obstacles to the implementation of the QIM or any resistance to change?
  4. Stakeholders affected by the QIM and outcomes sought
  5. Overall goals of the QIM
  6. Alternatives/recommended options available as a backup plan

Step 2 In two to three typed pages, provide the dialogue of the conversation you had during your interview with the chosen healthcare aadministrator. Include all topics discussed.

Step 3 Save and submit your assignment.
When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor.

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