How would you describe the ICU?

Details: Critical Thinking Week 1

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Topic: NSG 430: Critical Care Nursing

Answer these questions after class/reviewing class content

1. What comes to mind when you hear the following terms?

Intensive care

Critical Care



2. Think about the critical care environment:

How would you describe the ICU?

What sights, sounds, and smells do you experience?

What sensations might you experience?

How would your family react to the situation?

3. What are some examples of situations in which a nurse might have moral or religious convictions that would interfere with the duty to treat? What actions are required of the nurse when conflict exists?

4. Discuss situations when care and treatment may be considered futile.

Critical Thinking Rubric

These assignments are designed to help you think through the material that you have learned from the week, and to connect your new learning, to your current knowledge in order to see the “big picture”.
• Must be your own, original thoughts incorporating new knowledge learned from class/the book (Introduction to Critical Care Nursing 8th edition E-Book Mary Lou Sole; Deborah Goldenberg Klein; Marthe J. Moseley), (include book reference) and new knowledge gained from outside sources (requires 1 academic reference).
• Must include at least 1 well-written paragraph per question.
• At least 2 total references required (textbook and any additional sources)
• Only submit once you have reviewed all of the content from the week.

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How would you describe the ICU

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