Answer 5 questions with a 150 word minimum and a reference each

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Please answer these 5 questions in 150 words minimum and a reference each. The last two are response to which also require 150 word minimum each and a reference each. In questions 2 and 3 the links are provided in which to refer to.

1. It is important for professionals to conduct themselves according to their discipline’s standards to promote the general good of the discipline. However, adherence to professional standards is not always enforceable. Provide an example that demonstrates this concept. What do think should be done to make the standard enforceable?

2. Health Care Administrators:

Please review the website above and discuss the primary function of the organization and identify professional standards of practice discussed on the website. How do these standards of practice relate to your professional development plan?

3. Please review the following link and describe your thoughts in 150 word minimum and a reference. (The link can be used as reference

4. This is a great article that discusses professional standards in nursing. The requirement for a nurse to abide and conduct herself according to professional standards is absolutely critical, and it can even mean the difference between life and death for a patient. Standards are important to this profession because it guides their clinical practice. “They provide an evaluation tool for yourself and your colleagues to ensure clinical proficiency and safety” (Davis, 2014, p 2). For example, if a nurse has begun to develop unsafe work habits, isn’t sleeping, or abiding by policies, this can cloud his or her judgement, and cause them to not be able to perform to the best of their abilities for each and every patient. Right now, the nation is going through a terrifying pandemic, which requires nurses, physicians, and staff to conduct themselves according to the professional standards of their profession, which in turn requires them to give their absolute best to each and every patient.

5. The code of ethics for a professional association incorporates values, principles, and professional standards” (Flite, 2013, p 1). Those professional standards are the way a professional or individual in leadership conducts themselves as a professional and as an everyday person. It’s important for professionals to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful to their profession and doesn’t cause their position to ever be questioned. Prestige positions such as professors, physicians, pastors, etc. should all behave with a level of professionalism in order to gain respect, following and credibility. Unfortunately, if we see someone with a high level of authority acting in a way that does not align with the professional standards of their discipline, their credibility begins to be questioned, followership is lost and ultimately, respect is lost. This can be a detrimental effect to their career and reputation.

IImmediately, President Trump came to mind because of his conduct on social media, especially throughout the election. Because the votes weren’t necessarily going in his favor, we saw so many tweets from the President bashing the electoral system, bashing states that did not vote for him, and bashing the other candidate. The position of President of the United States is probably the most respected and honorable profession in the world, and throughout the election process, I don’t feel that he conducted himself according to the professional standards of his discipline. As silly as it sounds, I think the first step should have been to remove the President from social media. Unfortunately, we see how social media now sticks around to haunt us and those tweets that were put out will forever be circulating around the internet. I believe that in any profession, a set of standards should be introduced and enforced. Should the individual agree to abide by these standards and later on begin to change and act otherwise, they should be removed for their position. Of course, I believe in second chances and their position shouldn’t be removed immediately after one mess up however, if it is a continuous trend of their behavior then action should definitely be taken.


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How do these standards of practice relate to your professional development plan


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