Identify the topic and the ANA Official Position

Topic: NSG 470  Nursing Leadership, Management, and Contemporary Issues

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Details: Directions: Healthcare policy impacts nursing professionals and the broader public. Regardless of where the registered nurse practices, healthcare policy is an important aspect of professional nursing and guides how nurses will practice, “amplifies the views of nursing, and educates consumers and decision-makers” (American Nurses Association, n.d.).

For this assignment, you will review and analyze one of the ANA Official Position Statements. Select one of the ANA Official Position Statements and then select one of the subcategories (i.e. position statement: Nursing Practice; subcategory: Delegation)

Below are the contents of the paper for the assignment: This my selected topic (Position Statement: Drug and Alcohol Abuse; subcategory: Substance Use Among Nurses and Nursing Students)

1. Identify the topic and the ANA Official Position
2. Compare and Contrast the position with another federal, national, or global organization on the same or similar position – must show similarities and differences
3. Using QSEN Competencies – Describe how the position supports at least one QSEN competency and relevant KSA’s
4. Analyze the impact of the position on the nursing profession and the broader public – the most important section – spend time on this!
5. Discuss how a coach leader would promote this position with novice nurses.
The paper is due week 5 in the TurnItIn forum (less than 20% unoriginality) and in the grading forum. This is an APA (7th edition) formatted paper. Use the MEAL acronym for developing your paper. There should be at least references for the position statement, QSEN competency, the comparison organization, and at least two peer-reviewed journals for the analysis section. Do not use .com or .net websites at all.

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Identify the topic and the ANA Official Position

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