Deliverable 7 – Nursing Orientation: Resource Insert Sheets

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Assignment Content

Analyze the components of political action in nursing.
Explain the process of policy-making in healthcare delivery.
Apply the principles of economics as they relate to nursing and healthcare.
Appraise economic aspects that influence healthcare delivery systems.
Analyze legal components related to nursing practice.
Determine strategies that minimize legal risks in nursing practice related to negligence and malpractice.

Student Success Criteria

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Your nurse manager has asked you to partner with the nurse educator that coordinates orientation for new nursing hires. The nurse educator suggests that the following areas (policy, economics, and legal) are not well-represented in nursing orientation materials and that your input would be welcome. You are told that the orientation materials should be brief, as they are part of the notebook that each nurse is given regarding hospital and nursing policies and procedures, as well as tips for best practice.


Prepare resource insert sheets for the nursing orientation manual that contains the following:

Part One – Policy Section

Examines the importance of staying up to date with federal and state health policy.
Provides resources for staying up to date.
Illustrates ways nurses can get involved in the policy process.

Part Two – Economics Section

Identifies key economic principles for nursing.
Explains the concept of HCACPS Scoring and CMS payment.
Summarizes ways nurses can be stewards of resources.
Discusses the revenue sources and budgeting.

Part Three – Legal Section

Identifies the basic principles of malpractice.
Assesses best practices for avoiding nursing malpractice.
Summarizes the State Board of Nursing Disciplinary Process and resources to find Nursing Practice Standards.
Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar in the nursing orientation resource insert sheets.


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Analyze the components of political action in nursing.


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