Please respond to the following two post 100 words one reference each

Please respond to the following two post 100 words one reference each

Please respond to the following two post 100 words one reference each

#1 Quality Improvement and Safety

Yulier Rodriguez Medina

Information and abilities in human variables and fundamental security plan rules that influence perilous practices are basic. Alumni of master’s-level projects must have the option to examine frameworks and work to make a simply culture of security in which faculty feel good uncovering blunders—including their own—while keeping up proficient responsibility. Figuring out how to assess, compute, and improve the general unwavering quality of procedures are center aptitudes required by master’s-readied medical attendants. Information on both the potential and the genuine effect of national patient security assets, activities, and guidelines and the utilization of national benchmarks are required. Changes in social insurance repayment with the presentation of Medicare’s rundown of “never occasions” and the administrative push for more straightforwardness on quality results expect graduates to have the option to decide whether the results of guidelines of training, execution, and skill have been met and kept up. The master’s-readied nurture gives administration over the consideration continuum in assorted settings utilizing information with respect to high unwavering quality associations. These associations accomplish reliably sheltered and compelling execution records regardless of erratic working conditions or inherently risky undertakings (Weick, 2001). The master’s-readied medical attendant will have the option to screen, investigate, and organize results that should be improved. Utilizing quality improvement and high unwavering quality hierarchical standards, these medical caretakers will have the option to measure the effect of game plans.


Quality and Safety Education for Nurses. (2010). Graduate competency KSAs. Retrieved May 28, 2010, from

#2 Informatics andHealthcareTechnologies: Week 14

Yulier Rodriguez

Coming into priorities in nowadays issues related to technology we globally take an onboarding strategy to make nurses able to achieve the most specialized skills on computers, data bases management, media in general, and administrative related tasks when using technologies and specifically computers.

In today’s dynamic health systems, technology plays an important role in education and nursing work. So it seems necessary to study the role of nurses and highlight the need for appropriate information technology educational programs to integrate with the ever-increasing pace of technology. A review accompanied by an extensive literature search in databases and a library search focused on the keywords were used. The criteria used for selecting studies primarily focused on nursing informatics and the importance of expertise in the effective use of information technology in all aspects of the nursing profession. In a critical assessment of emerging technologies, the key elements of nursing informatics implementation were considered as healthcare promotion, advanced systems, internet and network. In view of the nature and the development of the information age, it is required to receive necessary IT training for all categories of nurses.

The competency of nursing informatics specialists was determined through studying three categories including computer skills, informatics knowledge and informatics skills. It investigates four levels of nursing practice: beginning nurse, experienced nurse, informatics specialist, and informatics innovator.

Informatics Skills

Informatics skills competencies includes the interpretation of information flow within the organization, the preparation of process information flow charts for all aspects of clinical systems, the development of standards and database structures to facilitate clinical care, education, administration or research. It also includes the development of innovative and analytic techniques for scientific inquiry in nursing informatics and new data organizing methods and research designs with the aim of examining the impacts of computer technology on nursing, and the conducting of basic science research to support the theoretical development of informatics. Information literacy skills, competencies, and knowledge are investigated among educators, administrators and clinicians of nursing groups nationally.

The history, definition and competencies of nursing informatics indicate the importance of this field. It shows nurses are integrated into the field of IT automatically. So they should be able to deal with it successfully to improve quality of care outcome. In this regard it is required to study the influence of nursing informatics on health care and make bold the appropriate information technology educational needs for nurses.


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Please respond to the following two post 100 words one reference each


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