Nursing Profession

Nursing Profession


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In the last few years, I found myself standing at a crucial intersection, torn between pursuing a nursing career alongside a full-time job and the responsibility of caring for my three children, all under the age of 10. Despite exploring various alternative career paths, the persistent desire to become a nurse lingered within me, hindered only by my apprehensions.

To reignite my passion, I turned to various social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, immersing myself in nurse-related content and motivational clips. Surprisingly, these digital platforms became a driving force for change. Although I initially started pursuing a Master’s degree, I decided to leave the program when I was almost finished, opting instead to embark on the transformative journey of nursing.

The experience of assisting and connecting with others brought an indescribable joy, motivating me to confront my fears and enroll in nursing school. While social media plays a crucial role in providing motivation and encouragement, it’s vital to acknowledge the dual nature of its impact.

Undoubtedly, social media serves as a valuable tool for connection and inspiration. However, maintaining moderation is key, recognizing its potential to become addictive and adversely affect productivity and mental health. As I navigate this exciting chapter in my life, I am reminded of the necessity for balance, utilizing social media as a source of encouragement without allowing it to overshadow the tangible journey that lies ahead.


Option A

My experience with social media is that everything you see on there is not real. you can’t really know a person based on their social media because that’s who they want to be on the internet. I’ve had experiences where I meet people who I thought were the person on social media turns out to be the total opposite. People have the ability to lie and pretend to be someone else. The media platforms have influenced the way I socialize. I rather socialize in person. Social learning theory contributes to social media attitudes and behaviors because if people watch a certain celebrity, do something they want to copy it. for example, the popular tik tok dances. If a celebrity does it, it starts a trend. people do a lot of observing and imitating on social media. I have seen so many biases on social media from other people. especially when it comes to inequality. People who don’t experience it don’t believe it’s real or care that it’s happening so they make ignorant comments. To be aware of bias you have to be aware of yours first and learn more about people and cultures.  

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