Nursing Question

Nursing Question

Consider and identify a problem of interest.

Step 1. Consider and identify a problem of interest. For this paper the problem can be broader in scope. Consider a problem you may have read about, or a broad topic area that may interest you. Explore that topic on the HP 2020 website, CDC website, and American Public Health Association website. Consider Asthma, Substance Abuse, Chronic Disease, Mental Health etc. These web links are found in your course resources links in the Brightspace course.

Step 2. Define your population per the requirements of the paper (see steps 1-7 above in this document).

Step 3. Format your paper using the headers that follow and begin researching and writing your paper.

Here are your Primary headers for each section of your paper. You will find these match the rubric for grading. Consider each of these sections should be researched and may be useful as keywords in your review of the literature.


Describe the problem and the population along with the purpose of the paper meeting the requirements of the rubric below.

1 Demographic characteristics (e.g., ethic/cultural background, sex, age, levels of formal education, literacy, and numeracy, perception of disease risk and associated complications)

  1. Community and regional demographics
  2. Barriers to care (e.g., socioeconomic and cultural factors, health insurance shortfalls, perceived lack of need, and limited encouragement from health care practitioners)
  3. Access to the interprofessional team care
  4. Availability of education and support services
  5. Cost-effectiveness of health care services
  6. Technology reach for delivery of health care services

Answer preview consider and identify a problem of interest.


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