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For this assignment, you will create a PICO(T) question. Your paper should be in APA 7th edition format, including title page and reference page. Address the following:

  • PARAGRAPH 1: Begin your paper with an introduction to your PICOT topic. This can be any clinical issue you choose -EXCEPT COVID-19 or hand hygiene.
    • Indicate what you will address in the rest of your paper (introductory statement)
    • Describe your topic
    • Describe its significance (this may include statistics on the problem, complications, etc.)
    • Essentially, explain WHY your problem needs to be addressed
  • PARAGRAPH 2, FIRST SENTENCE -Determine an appropriate PICO(T) question for addressing. Write your PICO(T) in correct question format. INTERVENTION PICO(T) only. Do not use other types of PICO(T)s. An intervention PICO(T) requires an intervention. For example: using one catheter type vs another, or using saline vs heparin, etc.
  • PARAGRAPH 2, In your text,
    • describe your population/patient (consider age, disease/condition, gender or biological sex, etc.)
    • describe the main intervention (the drug or other treatment you propose) AND the comparison (the main alternative to your drug/treatment intervention -the alternative could be NO treatment)
    • describe what your outcome (reduced complication – be specific; improved memory; reduced anxiety, etc.) – Whatever the outcome may be, but it must be specific and measurable. You cannot measure “improvement” or “reduced complications”. Be SPECIFIC.
  • PARAGRAPH 3: Identify and explain 2 facilitators and 2 barriers to implementing the practice you propose in your PICO(T) (What helps/what hinders?)
  • PARAGRAPH 4: Conclusion: Summarize your paper


Develop a clinical question using proper PICO(T) format

Explain the components of a PICO(T) question

Identify facilitators and barriers to implementing a specific EBP practice


Minimum of three (3) total references: one (1) reference from required course materials and two (2) peer-reviewed references. All references must be no older than five years (unless making a specific point using a seminal piece of information).

References should support the reasoning behind the PICOT, the problem or the intervention.

Peer-reviewed references include references from professional data bases such as PubMed or CINHAL applicable to population and practice area, along with evidence based clinical practice guidelines.

**Examples of unacceptable references are Wikipedia, UpToDate, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, hospital organizations, insurance recommendations, & secondary clinical database

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