Option #2: Weather Disasters

Option #2: Weather Disasters

Option #2: Weather Disasters

Like earthquake and volcano eruptions, major hurricanes and tornadoes have occurred long before there were humans on Earth. Choose one hurricane or tornado that significantly impacted humans and report on it. Be sure to cover how it affected the Earth, damages and death tolls, economic impact and any permanent consequences.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

3-4 pages in length (does not include title and reference page)
1-2 outside sources




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A hurricane refers to a tropical cyclone that has winds travelling at 74 miles per hour although at times the winds move at a higher speed than that. Hurricanes are especially experienced in the Western Atlantic and are usually accompanied by rain, thunder as well as lightning. They sometimes move into temperate latitudes. In the past, various hurricanes are known to have occurred. Different hurricanes affected the earth, caused damages and deaths according to their magnitude.

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