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How would you compare your current organization to this mix? Does your firm model some of the same characteristics of these age cohorts?

In Chapter 3 of our text, we learn that a “young company’s culture provides identity, meaning, and daily motivation. If the company is successful, the culture will become very strong and explicitly part of its identity” (Shein, 2017). As a younger and smaller private dental company, I feel like our culture is still ever-evolving. Our owner has done a fantastic job of outlining the mission and vision of the company, however, there have been some large cultural shifts that we are working through pre and post-pandemic hitting. In the example, they discuss an open floor plan for the business and that there is no dress code. This also applies in our office, as besides the Owner and Lead Dentist, we all transition “work stations” and wear similar black scrubs, so no one is aware of job rank. As a lot of us are navigating the work-life balance due to the pandemic, and new norms for what tasks we complete at home and what we save for the office, there have been a few blurred lines in terms of expectations. Our office contains many individuals who want to keep propelling their careers forward and are hungry for that next step, committed to improving current systems, and motivated to keep tackling things off their to-do list, but it comes at a price. When do we call it quits? There have been numerous employees that enjoy this environment and then end up leaving because they feel “burnt out” and want more clear boundaries of when to stop working on a project and pick it up the following day. Rather than reaffirming the current culture, we are trying to change the culture to increase employee longevity.

Schein, E. H. (2017). Organizational Culture and Leadership. Hoboken: Wiley.


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How would you compare your current organization to this mix

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