Read the article and answer the questions

6)After reading the Grandparents are important in our lives, in Psychology Today, written by Dr. Susan Whitbourne. answer the following questions:

1. What types of grandparents do you have, or did you have? How would you rate them on the grandparent style types?
2. What kind of grandparent are you or do you think you would be? Explain the grandparent style you fall into and explain why that style does or would work for you?
3. Do you think it would be possible that a grandparent could be a combination of two of the styles discussed? Do you think that the parenting style of a child’s parents could influence the grandparenting style chosen in a family dynamic? Explain your answers.
4. What are some of the issues faced by grandparents who have responsibility for raising their grandchildren?

7)Watch the video about how to help family caregivers. You should then explore the Call to Care Program at John Hopkins. And answer the following.

1. What are some qualities that you possess that you think would make you a good caregiver to an older relative? What are some qualities about you that might interfere with your being an effective caregiver?
2. As you think about your own strengths and challenges related to caregiving, what insights does this give you into caregiver stress?
3. Would you be comfortable contacting an organization like Called to Care if you felt the stress and burden were affecting your physical or mental health.
4. Do you think that Called to Care or a similar program should be available in every state and community? Would their service be beneficial not only to the caregiver but also the family member in distress?

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What types of grandparents do you have or did you have


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