My conundrum is  ‘How do I lead older, more experienced people?’

My conundrum is  ‘How do I lead older, more experienced people?’

My conundrum is  ‘How do I lead older, more experienced people?’

 Your project is remodeling a kitchen and the people you were leading were older and had more experience. You would discuss how this may cause issues…. Like older people not wanting to take direction from you for being younger or less experienced. That’s a good one for a work setting too, if you’re put in charge of more senior people .

The attached proposal is for a classmate, you should not include it on the paper. It is just an example.

only use the above instructions to write the paper and the pdf file for the format

Yukl, G. A., & Gardner, W. L. (2020). Leadership in organizations.

please rewrite page 3-5 using these guidelines
Students should submit the Final Leadership Project Paper in APA-style, 10-pages, that includes the following sections (please include the questions): 1. An introduction of what your leadership project encompassed (who did you lead, what did you lead them on, etc?). 2. What your particular “leadership conundrum” was all about (what did the issue focus upon, details,etc.)? 3. A discussion of what the leadership style you used is all about in dealing with the group and why you think that was the style you used (document and relate to the literature out there)? 4. How did you deal with your particular conundrum in leading the group (list references and ideas that might relate to how you handled it)? Did the ideas you gained from the interviews help? Did fixing the conundrum help lead the group or not? 5. A discussion of available data regarding whether the leadership approach you used worked or not (any studies of it from research?). 6. A discussion of how successful the project was and how you might have lead the project more effectively. 7. A discussion of what still needs to be learned about the style you used (studies that might help, or other uses of it that still need to be explored). 8. A summary of all of the above at the end of the paper. 9. A bibliography (not included as part of the 10-page requirement). Again, the Final Leadership Project Paper should be submitted to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PMEST/EDT of Module 7. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin). Recommendations The following are recommendations to consider as you complete your project: 1. When necessary, please seek out advice from your instructor. Although you are responsible for your learning, the instructor is available to help you make this assignment meaningful and successful. 2. You should choose a conundrum of your own interest. In the past, students have explored such specific conundrums as: a. “How do I balance confidence and humility to be an effective leader?” b. “How do I lead, influence, and work with negative people?” c. “How do I lead people who don’t believe I should be doing the leading?” d. “How will I be able to effectively lead those who have negative stereotypes of working for/or with females?” e. “How do I institute change in a group while maintaining high standards?” f. “How do I lead older, more experienced people?” g. “How can I be a role model of hard work and dedication and also balance work and non-work domains?” 3. There are numerous academic journals on management, leadership, psychology, sociology, philosophy, education, and religion available through the library. Below are a number of academic management journal titles: a. Academy of Management Journal b. Academy of Management Review c. Leadership d. Leadership Quarterly e. Leadership and Organizational Development Journal f. Organization g. International Journal of Management h. International Journal of Leadership Studies i. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies j. Journal of Management Inquiry k. Journal of Organizational Behavior l. Journal of Management and Organization m. Journal of Management Education 4. There are, of course, many different leadership styles you can use in completing your project (refer to your text and/or other sources) and there are, of course, a number of different project you can lead people on—some of the ones that have been done in previous classes are (organizing an office area, helping team members to lose weight, leading a group in donating time at a Red Cross or other social service agency, organizing a group to run a race for a particular benefit, organizing a group to take a train ride to a particular part of the US or elsewhere, etc.). 5. Please schedule all interviews as early as possible and remember to respect the time of those leaders you interview. Make sure you are prompt, courteous, formal, and well-prepared (write out your questions before the interview). You will be required to include an appendix which summarizes the key points of the interviews as part of your Final Paper

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My conundrum is  ‘How do I lead older more experienced people


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