Organizational Structures in Nursing

Organizational Structures in Nursing

Details: In this writing assignment, you will complete a paper addressing an issue from the perspective of the nurse manager on a unit.

Step 1 Review your unit’s and/or facility’s organizational chart.
You have been promoted to nurse manager of your unit. You realize that to function effectively, you must have a better understanding of your organization’s structure and, specifically, the chain of command.

Find and analyze the organizational chart of the healthcare organization you are currently working for or for one that you have encountered in your nursing experience.

Step 2 In a two-page (500-word) paper, address the following points:

Give a brief description of the organization of the healthcare structure used in your facility.
Describe the chain of command used in your organization and identify the people you report to and those who report to you.
Consider the following and discuss how the chain of command is used to implement change.
Based on the organization chart, what leadership structure is used in the organization—hierarchical or flat? How does this affect implementing change?
Does this organization use a shared governance model for nursing?
When nurses have an idea for changing a process and they make a decision as a group, where do they go with their suggestions? (the director? the unit manager?)
Explain why understanding this information is important to your success.
Write your paper using APA format.

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