Professional code of ethics

Professional code of ethics

1. What is the name of the professional organization related to your chosen career? (NOTE: a list of professional organizations can be found in Chapter 5 of the text). 2. How will your professional Code of Ethics help to guide you in making decisions? 3. Does your professional organization offer a credentialing Exam for your career? If so, what is the name of the credential you can receive after passing the Exam? 4. Define scope of practice. What determines the scope of practice for your chosen career? 5. Based on the Code of Ethics for your chosen healthcare profession, list and explain three standards of professionalism. 6. What could happen to someone who violates their professional Code of Ethics?
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–Seeking the trust and confidence of all customers enables healthcare professionals to know what is appropriate for the customers, therefore, making appropriate decisions…
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Perinatal Care; Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding

Perinatal Care; Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding

Please fill out the form completion and you will use the link that will lead you to the internet in were you will use only page 8 the negative deficiency towards exclusive breast milk feeding.

The link is…

click 4/25/2017 quality report and you will see page with 9% of 281 eligible patients in hospital results, this will show you that your in the right page.

In the form you will create a mission and vision statement in which you will use later on in the essay.

Then you will open the layout and follow instruction than create the essay. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 Please follow instructions carefully

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The commission has its purpose stated to continuously improve the health care for the public, together with other stakeholders, by evaluating the health care organizations and inspiring them to continue providing the safe and effective care…
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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

I need a paper on the following attached information. Each section needs to be two paragraphs of information.

I will tweak and add in my own personal experiences or opinions.

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In cognitive psychology, various behavioral and physiological measures are employed. These measures have several similarities and differences as discussed below. First, behavioral psychology is based on the principle that all behaviors…
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1. Zara believes that finding store managers capable of effectively running its retail properties is the primary constraint on its global expansion. What skills do you think Zara seeks in its ideal candidates? Why would they be difficult to find?

2. From the beginning, Zara’s business model differed from the norm. Today its strategy depends on managing the connections between its various activities, notably design, sourcing production, logistics, and store operations. What do Zara’s managers, working out of “The Cube,” see as the most effective way to manage the relationships among these activities?

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When Zara is in the labor market looking for people to work at its various outlets, it looks for individuals with great creativity, enthusiasm, commitment, passion, flexible, and who have a great initiative for the fashion industry…

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Mitigating Security Risks.

Mitigating Security Risks

Some background info on this assignment: this is a role-playing class. Padgett-Beale is a fictional company. These should be written in the persona (character) of a management intern working in the assigned company.

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to prepare a short presentation for one of the company’s Brown Bag Lunch training events.

Choose one of the following articles to present to the attendees. After reading the article, prepare a set of talking points / speaker notes (one page) which highlight key information about the article and why Padgett-Beale employees should “care” about the topic.

1. Selecting the Right Cloud Operating Model: Privacy and Data Security in the Cloud

2. How to get the most from a managed IT services provider

3. Shadow IT: Mitigating Security Risks

After you finish that, the next task is a blog entry.

For this blog entry, please tell us how your Brown Bag Lunch presentation went. (Use your experience in writing / receiving critiques in the Week 5 discussion thread.)

1. How familiar were you with your topic? Did that make a difference in your presentation?

2. Did you research how to give a brown bag presentation before hand? What resources did you use? (Were they helpful?)

3. What other lessons did you learn from this experience?

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The article that I chose for the first part of the essay is Shadow IT: Mitigating Security Risks. The article assesses major taking points such as the security risks that may face an organization where employees are constantly involved in shadow…

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Thank You Letter For My Employer

Thank You Letter For My Employer

Prepare a thank you letter for my employer, who I have been working for 5 month at the internship. make it 1 page long neat, and efficient. mentioned that i learned a lot of things regarding customer service, business vocabs, etc.

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I am writing this letter is to inform you of my gratitude and appreciation for allowing me to be part of your team at your organization for the last five months where I had a memorable internship experience.  I am confident that you saw it was right to consider me…

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Gun Control

Gun Control

Instructions for Term Paper


1. Font = Times New Roman

2. Font Size = 12

3. Page Length 3

4. Use the Headings Provided In These Instructions

5. Use the Resources Provided Here

6. Citations in MLA Format

7. Work Cites Page in MLA Format

8. DUE 4/4/18 at the Beginning of Class

Subject: What Is A Viable Possible Solution To Mass Shooting

Part 1: Explain Why a Total Ban on Private Firearm Ownership is Not A Viable Solution & Propose a Solution That is a Good Place To Start


1. The Second Amendment

2. 10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classes

3. D.C. v Heller (2008)

4. McDonald v Chicago (2010)

a. Via Selective Incorporation, incorporates the 2ndAmendment as enforceable against the states.

Part 2: Explain the Mass Shooting Phenomenon In the USA


1. Use the Internet to create a list of Recent Mass Shootings

Part 3: Explain the Current Trend for the Call to Ban the AR-15 Rifle


1. Explain The Reason behind the Call to Ban AR-15.

2. Use Various Articles In the Gun Control Folder on Canvas

Part 4: Define the term “Assault Weapon” as used in Federal & California State Law Determine Whether or Not Assault Weapons are Inherently More Dangerous than Non-Assault Weapons


1. The Assault Weapon Ban of 2018

2. California’s Assault Weapons Regulations “Title 11 Div. 5 Ch. 39 Assault Weapons & Large Capacity Magazines

please follow directions very carefully

also MLA format. name is Nicholas Kachi and professor is Robert Montano please include everything along with date and format 

Part 5: Propose A Solution and Explain Your Logic

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Gun control has been a subject of discussion, particularly in the recent past due to the increase in cases of mass shootings in the country. Consequently, there has been different calls by individuals within the country for a total ban on ownership…

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Texas Government

Texas Government

Topic: Texas Government writing assignment 3

Do you think that sales and use taxes are a fair way for the state to generate revenue? Why or why not?
How should policy makers deal with a projected budgetary surplus? Should taxes be cut or spending increased?
In the case of a budget surplus, what arguments would you make to the legislature to increase spending? Where would you increase spending? Why?
In the case of a budget deficit, what areas would you target for cuts? Why?
Under what circumstances should the legislature tap into the Rainy Day Fund?
Why did the Texas Legislature give up the ability to set tuition at state universities and how has this decision impacted you?

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The sales and use taxes imposed by the Texas Government is not a fair way of generating revenue. Notably, each state has to ascertain their own means of obtaining income for use in governance, providing goods and services to its people as they operate…
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Relocation Decision

Relocation Decision

Your company is considering a decision of relocating to another country. You have been given the job of researching different alternatives for relocation. Your report will help the board decide where to relocate, and will help the employees know what to expect in a new country.

The company is considering Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Your task is to review the legal system and policing style in these countries and produce a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document addressing the following:

  • What is the dominant policing style of each country?
  • How do the police in each country deal with issues of human rights? Are there any protections in place for the citizens?
  • Do the countries face any terrorism issues? Would a US company be at risk?
  • Are there any activities that are legal in the United States but are illegal in the other countries?
  • If an employee (or the company) were to be prosecuted for a crime, what kind of trial system (adversarial or inquisitorial) would be in effect?

After reviewing the three countries, conclude your report by explaining:

  • Which country’s police and legal systems seem to most closely resemble the systems of the United States?
  • Which country would you recommend the company to choose? Why?

You may choose to address each of the above-mentioned points for all the three countries or review each country separately. The Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook is a good starting place for information on other countries.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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A decision to move a business from one country to another is relatively different from the one which involves the emigration of individuals. While relocating the business, the investor ought to consider, among others, the adaptability…

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