Paper on Disaster through Internet Search

Paper on Disaster through Internet Search

Go online and search for information about companies that have been harmed or bankrupted by a disaster. Choose one such company and create a brief case study about it. Successful narratives will focus on the manner in which the organization was impacted, including financial losses, losses of sales, or the need for layoffs. Your assignment should be 3-4 paragraphs in length.

I have to put the response through safeAssign. so can you please see that its not too much refereed from any student journals.




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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill also referred to as the BP or Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is the most experienced huge oil spill in the American history, which was caused by a Deepwater Drilling rig in the year 2010. The explosion resulted in 11 deaths, 17 injuries and 3.5 millions of barrels released to the gulf and the shoreline (Chamberlin, 2014, September 10).

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