Part 2

Part 2


1. Ethical Question

2. Introduction

3. Explanation of the Ethical Theory

4. Application of the Ethical Theory








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Honesty in Medicine

Part 1: Ethical Question

Do doctors have the moral obligation to tell the truth to patients even in instances where the truth can be devastating?

Part 2: Introduction

            Truth-telling is an important aspect of human interaction as it fosters effective communication. The need, to tell the truth, is emphasized in churches, at home, learning institutions, at work and the doctor-patient relationship (Drane & Reich, 2009). Considerably, physicians are required to sign the “Hippocratic Oath,” a consent that mandates them to uphold the profession’s code of ethics including truth-telling to establish an effective relationship with their patients. As such, doctors are bestowed with trust, a belief that they will be honest in their assertions for the benefit of both parties. It is through this conviction that patients can confide in physicians and seek advice from them.

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