Did you realize you were a presenter prior to taking this assessment ?

Did you realize you were a presenter prior to taking this assessment ?


After going through the Questionnaire on influencing styles, I discovered that my influencing style is client-oriented. The Client-centric is my influence style. This questionnaire provides gives an understanding of the correlation that exists between the various styles of influence. This relates to me in a broad way as it provides a view of the perspectives that exist in regard to influence of either subjective personal opinions or strong objective arguments. The definitions of the skills that make up a client-centric are so real and clear in comparison with the questions in the questionnaire. These including listening and understanding the perspectives of others as well as creating directly friendships with influence styles of politicians.In organization management Client-centric style can be very beneficial in interpersonal relationships with different people in the organization. The ability to listen and understand other people’s perspectives creates a rapport of conscious oneness. This is an important skill that will help in customer engagement and relationships. In organization management, it will promote the continuous partnership and transparent working relations. Productivity in an organization grows in an environment of understanding and client-centric strategies.

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My style is the Asserter, an asserter does not like to hear no for an answer and like to be heard and expect his/her views to be considered. An Asserter also influence others by taking actions and introducing new ideas in different kind of situations for example in a social situation.An asserter takes bold actions and accept challenges. Team lead are responsible for creating plans for different projects and make all the arrangements by planning what to arrange, how to arrange, resources, budget, reporting etc. Being an asserter, I can tell the organization management what is best for the organization and provide valid reasons as to why it is the best for the organization. Also, dealing with different project clients, stakeholders, managers, inter-department teams, junior resources and controlling the flow of projects at every step require qualities of an Asserter and it will help the organization with management of different projects and their success and also, build and maintain good relationships with clients and stakeholders. Being an asserter will also help with informing the organization about the new technologies that can be used in future projects for smooth flow of projects and ultimately high success rate of projects.

An Asserter help the team members by noticing, hearing and understanding the problems of the team members, provides them the resources they require so that they can effectively work on assigned tasks and complete them on time.Asserter should be able to influence others by bring positive energy, clever thinking and excitement by taking actions which benefits the organizations success. Also, Asserter should be able to inspire others by bringing new ideas and strategies when the existing ideas and strategies fails and relate those ideas and strategies with others on personal and emotional level so that it is appealing to them. This can only be effective by clearly understanding of the personal values of other people.

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Did you realize you were a presenter prior to taking this assessment ?

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Influencing Style

I found the scores for my questionnaire to be quite interesting:













From the above table, the results indicate that I am an asserter, an expert, a presenter, and a preparer. The scores indicate that I tend to use each one of these qualities almost similarly in influencing others.

How it relates to me and my style

As a preparer, I am quite the proponent of undertaking thorough research. I believe in the old phrase that knowledge is power, and for this reason, I try to learn as much as I can. While I would not consider myself an expert, I try to make it a point to learn and understand a particular subject matter when it is part of my job. I am very inquisitive and always try to gather information and analyze it. I always like to have a neat and elaborate presentation every time I have the chance to present something. Therefore I can consider myself a presenter. Depending on my audience, I try to ensure that each member of the audience will understand my presentation, by avoiding vague or biased points, and presenting only the facts. As an asserter, I always enjoy taking the initiative to present new ideas in my workplace. I don’t like my points being brushed away without a good explanation since I expect my points to be considered.

Using the style within organizational management

As a leader in organizational management, it is essential to ensure that you influence and lead workers in the right direction according to the organizational goals (Farahnak et al., 2020). Being assertive in my ideas, while ensuring that I prepare well for any task is essential in ensuring that I direct the workers in the right direction. Also, I can use this style to ensure that I present my facts and details in a clear manner, which can be easily understood by others.

How my style prepares me for operations strategy

My skills as a preparer and an expert can significantly help me in achieving the organization’s strategy. According to Wu et al. (2019), operations strategy significantly influences any type of operation’s long-term capabilities. My influencing style prepares me to handle issues regarding the use of resources and implementing a specific design, which supports the business strategy. With my skills, I can ensure workers utilize their skills effectively. Also, since IT has significantly become part of workplace operations (Langer, 2018), my style as a preparer and expert, will ensure that the workers can handle technology, special equipment, and quality controls, efficiently.


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Did you realize you were a presenter prior to taking this assessment


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