Parts of Studying an Outbreak

Parts of Studying an Outbreak

write discussion about 250 words by using this website and download the “Gastroenteritis” study


Write discussion about 250 words by using this website and download the “Gastroenteritis” study.

Don’t forget to write according to the rules of the rubric! (Links to an external site.)

Learner demonstrates a well-developed focus, thorough
points of development, and a logical pattern of organization of ideas
and concepts. The original posting covers the topic thoroughly,
demonstrates substantial reflection and/or self-assessment, exhibits a
broad integration of readings, and reveals conceptual knowledge and skills.

Learner demonstrates exemplary accomplishment of task.
—Consistently appropriate and precise language for
the assignment.
–Consistently clear divisions between the writer’s voice
 and the sources used to support claims.

–Consistent and clear use of standard American English in grammar and punctuation.
–Appropriate references cited.
Be sure and answer all the questions

Note: in this investigation, they organize the “steps”
into 6 rather than 10…but despite the older organization of the protocol, you will still see our 10 steps covered in their list.)

In your opinion, after completing this investigation, what is the most difficult part of studying ANY outbreak…from obesity to Ebola? (Please
answer this question in 200-250 words, and include examples from the study that you just completed.)

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Once several cases of a similar problem are reported to a health facility, the facility has the responsibility to seek further information about the case, and involve the necessary stakeholders in drafting possible research to…
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