Patient Scenario Analysis

Patient Scenario Analysis

client/patient in the scenario

the types of health and human service professionals that would be involved in the interdisciplinary team / case conference for this scenario

  • Clinical Reasoning: Introduction to reasoning & decision-making
  • Inter-professional Practice & Consumer Engagement: Collaborative practice in healthand human services , Consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Dementia & Aged Care Services: Ageing in Australia & implications for healthcare and professional practice • Aged care and Dementia service provision in Australia , Effective communication
  • Cultural Diversity and Health Literacy: Introduction to cultural diversity,Communication skills and diversity amongst consumers

only one thing

Recently published references ranging from about 7 years prior to

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The primary patient in this scenario is Maria. The main issues of this patient is that her left hip has fractured and she is under admission in order to undergo hip surgery. This surgery entails open reduction as well as well as internal fixation of the fractured hip. As a result of this surgery, Maria …

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