Patients with mental disorders require specialized treatment and equipment

Topic: Assignment 2: The Rough Draft

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Details: Assignment 2: The Rough Draft

You have laid the groundwork for your Final Project, and this is the week when you move from a thesis sentence and topic outline to a full first draft. Keep in mind the importance of the introduction, body, and conclusion. Remember the prose models you have been reading and how those writers have used topic sentences, supporting details, structure, and transition to put together cohesive essays.

By Day 7

Write and submit the full rough draft for a persuasive essay that will become the Final Project for this course based on your case study selection. Remember that you are moving away from a personal reflection on the case study to an academic essay loosely based on the case study. This means you should write the essay in third person and remove all personal pronouns, such as “I, me, me, we, us.” Be sure to provide attribution, using APA formatting, for any outside sources used. Remember, this is an argumentative research paper, so you need to utilize outside sources to support your argument. The paper should follow these guidelines:

be 5 full pages in length, excluding the title page and References page
be written in the third person
cite a minimum of 4 outside source materials that support your thesis
use proper APA formatting
You will submit your rough draft to the Assignment submission link, as well as the Peer Review Forum. You can find a link to the Peer Review Forum in the Assessments area.

Using this topic Mental health in prisons and the thesis below, and the main idea will be what is going to be developed in writing this assignment.

Thesis Statement: People facing jail time should go for mental assessment before conviction.
• It is ordinarily difficult to address mental health, especially during prison admission.
• a lack of awareness
• lack of medical facilities and equipment
• stigma from society making people fear mental assessments
• Risks that arise from convicting people with mental issues
• prisons are bad for mental health since there are limited mental health services
There is also a lot of insecurity and violence
• It may lead to suicide
• prisons lack meaningful activities that may help treat mental illnesses
• People with mental health issues also have a risk of facing stigmatization when convicted
• Segregate them because they believe those people with a mental health condition may be violent.
• Conditions such as isolation may lead to further mental problems such as depression.
• Prisons also have limited resources to handle people with a mental health condition
• Patients with mental disorders require specialized treatment and equipment
• Lacks personnel such as doctors and psychiatrists to handle such patients posing the need to have separate incarceration points and health care facilities.
• Some of the medications they are also exposed to may also be used by other prisoners for recreational purposes, causing drug and substance abuse addiction in prison

5) Benefits from doing a mental assessment prior incarceration

• It prevents the infliction of self-harm among prisoners, which is quite common among people with a mental health condition.
• Prisoners with mental health issues tend to bother workers and their fellow inmates since they require specialized treatment.
• Mental assessment before being convicted helps improve the amount and quality of health care the person deserves.

6) Recommendations such as the prisoners’ education and the system on mental health

• The government should introduce policies such as mental assessment before conviction
• training should be done to staffs who work in prisons to assess the status of mental disorders present in the facility
• The assessment also allows the government to come up with better mental health care practises for prisoners
• There should also be a lot of education on mental health since most people are unaware of mental health conditions and their symptoms.

Week 3 Assignment 2

for this submission, Chioma. You have a nicely constructed thesis statement. I am concerned, however, that you did not submit a properly formatted outline, which includes roman numerals, letters, and numbers as required. It is important that each main idea is written in a complete sentence (see the second bullet which starts with “Risks that arise” and see #5 as these are not complete sentences). It is important that main ideas are written in complete sentences as they are the supporting reasons for your thesis statement.
Please remember that you will be organizing your Week 4 Assignment 2 argumentative research paper based on this thesis statement and revised outline.
See the attached file for further information about organizing your Week 4 Assignment 2 rough draft

I attached what we did for week 1 too.


WK 1 Assgn2 Jeffries. C (Extension)

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Patients with mental disorders require specialized treatment and equipment

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