Peer Reviewed Social Work Journals

Reflect on the importance of using articles from peer-reviewed journals compared to information from the Internet. Ask yourself who evaluates the accuracy of information that you might obtain websites like Wikipedia and what form of accountability there is to ensuring that information is up-to-date, reliable, and valid.

Review the Final Assignment: Article Review and Critique in Week 10 for this class. Note that you will have to locate an empirical research article from a peer-reviewed journal. Begin to search for an article. Practice navigating the databases in the library by searching topics of interest. (Note: At this point, you do not need to identify the actual empirical research article. The goal of this assignment is to begin getting comfortable navigating the databases in the library).

For this Assignment, complete the following:

Identify a list of 10 peer reviewed social work journals from the library that you might find helpful relative to your social work practice interests.

In a 100-150 word paragraph, discuss why using research studies from peer reviewed journals is important to the development of knowledge in social work. For example, discuss the advantages of having articles reviewed by other scholars and researchers. Then using a case illustration, describe how articles from peer-reviewed journals can help to inform your social work practice decisions with clients, communities, agencies, and/or social work policies.viewed Social Work Journals

My primary interests are aging and mental health in Social work practing

Here are a few places to start, must be peer reviewed.




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The use of peer review journals serves as an important mechanism for validating the information contained in these journals regarding social work. Notably, the manuscripts are not accepted during their first time after they are submitted to a journal and must be resubmitted to several journals before they can be accepted for publication. The peer review process is important as it permits the articles to be reviewed by other scholars and researchers who are experts in social work.

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