Personal Vocational/Career Information Resource Guide

Personal Vocational/Career Information Resource Guide

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the information in the course text on the career information delivery systems and job search information sources:

Explore a variety of sources in each of the three categories: 1) National or State CIDS; 2) Occupational Information Systems; and 3) Internet Job Search/Career Information Sites.

Investigate sources beyond the text. Be sure each URL is current and active.

Evaluate the usefulness of the sites for your population group, using the following criteria:

  • What client needs am I meeting?
  • Do the research evidence, theoretical perspective, and norm populations meet the needs of my clients?
  • How user friendly is the site for my clients?
  • Are the language, age, and education level appropriate?
  • Does the means of communicating information fit your clients’ needs (e.g., text vs. video, static vs. interactive)?
  • Can my clients navigate the system efficiently?
  • Does the system include occupational information about jobs that my clients may desire (e.g., industry, educational preparation, social class)?
  • Does the cost (if any) facilitate its use with your clients?

Based on this analysis, select at least three sites/sources of information: one from each category listed above.

The assignment (2-3 pages):

Create your own Career Information Resource Guide, personalized for your current or intended population group. You may decide to set up your Resource Guide as a chart or a list (whichever you think will be most help to you as a career practitioner). For this assignment, APA form is not as important as developing something that you can use in the future.

Begin with an Introduction. (1-2 paragraphs). Provide context for your Resource Guide by specifying the population group for whom the Resource Guide is being developed (your current or intended counseling population). Describe this group with brief bullet points that outline any particular issues that should be considered when providing career assistance to members of this group.

Then, address the following elements in your Resource Guide:

  1. Name of the Source (URL)
  2. Type of Site/Source (remember to choose one from each category: National/State CIDS, Occupational Information System, and Internet Job Search/Career Information Site)
  3. Description of the Source (include a specific description, type of information provided, services provided, cost (if any), other useful information)
  4. Why you chose this site (how it meets criteria listed above)

Support your Application assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for this course.


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