Philosophic arguments Hayek

From the Table of Contents: Read pages 31-62

The Philosophic arguments will consist of two sections. The first section is a summary of the position. The second section further explains at least 2 ideas you agree with or disagree with and at least two “reasons” why/why not for each idea. A “Reason” is an explained principle (personal, moral, political, etc.). Reviews are to be typed 12 font Times New Roman and be at least (this is the minimum) 1000 words, BUT will be graded on QUALITY of the work (see rubric below).Papers are due in class within 10 minutes of class start by class clock. No emailed assignments will be accepted. A grading rubric is provided below. Each position argument is worth 40 points 

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The philosophical argument that the author discusses is the road to serfdom which refers to the state of many peasants living under feudalism. Feudalism was a medieval social system that was evident and popular across…
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